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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


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Ad Hoc co-premiere:

Baltimore synth-pop duo Lovers and Reflections have largely flown under my radar, but it's hard to see why on the strength of new single "The Dance". Last year the pair remixed Alice Cohen's "Sunspots" to glowing effect, and some of Cohen's cryptic density seems to have rubbed off on them, with the track's vintage synth shimmers and singer Regan Rebecca's near-plaintive voice buoyed by the off-kilter new-wave lurch of the crisp drum production.

"The Dance" will be available from the Lovers and Reflections bandcamp next week, with their debut full-length, Swords, following in March.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Ex-Auckland, New Zealand, now Portland, Oregon-based experimentalist Sam Hamilton has a new single out, which sees him streamlining his approach to off-kilter, subtly hypnotic pop, and reining in some of the ecstatic, Amazonian tendencies of his last album Pala. The suggestively titled "Perennial Traditions" is a tightly-wound and satisfying slab of art-rock, infusing the studiousness of something like This Heat or Liars with the restlessness that has previously defined Sam's work.

The full-length LP Integrifolia is available soon on Sam's own imprint Tumbling Strain.

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Monday, October 29, 2012



Next-gen Detroit bedroom techno producer Ice Cold Chrissy has a new full-length, Magma Mondays, under his ever-prolific Coyote Clean Up moniker. Due November 19th on LA-imprint Time No Place, the album is tied together with a newfound expansiveness and a slicker spin on Chrissy's hazy, sideways take on house. Check out the final track on the digital only release, "Nite Aid Nightly," which goes for a deep, icily minimal approach.


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Thursday, May 24, 2012



Earlier today we premiered this on ad hoc:

Berlin-based expatriate Steven Warwick aka Heatsick, who last year released one of 2011's most inventive left-field dance LPs with Intersex, is dropping a new 12” on May 29. Intersex managed the difficult feat of balancing a polymorphous interest in the way electronic music acts on the body and can lead to new ways of being in one's body, with the kind of cerebral approach to sound that bespoke a practitioner well-versed in the full spectrum of electronic music from Detroit techno to avant-garde composition; and all of this with virtually no trace of the retro-nostalgic sensibilities that characterises the American dance underground Heatsick has often been paired with – like 100% Silk, et al. “Stars Down to Earth” exhibits an expanded conceptual palette, and with a distinctly polyphonic rhythmic approach and yearning vocal samples, again finds that sweet spot between kineticism and interlocking repetitive grooves.

The Déviation 12” is out on PAN on May 29.

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