Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is the first taste of the Crayon Fields new album, All The Pleasures Of The World, due out next March and thank god we have the Crayon Fields to check in every now and then and remind everyone how to effectively deploy a tambourine. Fuck, sometimes these guys are just TOO good. There’s the perfectly double-tracked vocals, the world’s best ever guitar sound (FACT) and then, in the chorus, just when you’re starting to get a little worried about a fey overload, Geoff O’Connor drops a line like “I look at you and suddenly I’m a virgin”. OH, QUIT IT, GEOFF! I don’t know if I can listen to other bands anymore. Seriously, this song makes me wanna lower my desk chair, rest my head on the keyboard and pretend bad music never happened.

[Crayon Fields MySpace]

[Mirror Ball 7” available Dec. ’08 on Chapter Records]


RICHARD said...

wow, glad you posted this max! too true, a little too good sometimes amirite

Anonymous said...

Music to feel fragile to.
Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

b4 p-fork, lyk!

Anonymous said...

Crayon Fields are just unbelievably amazing!
Wouldn't mind taking Geoff home with me.

indiie said...

Here's a vid of a song I recorded live at the Step Inn in Brisbane supporting Firekites (seriously awesome band) that I thought Geoff announced as being Mirrorball. Is it a different version or just a different song?

Also have Tiny Choir of Boys here