Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hey so if you didn't already know, Rose Quartz is one of a special few to make sporadic contributions on the music blog over at Vice Magazine which, like here, is full of awesome stuff. We have an upcoming feature on New Yoga for Vice but I thought I'd give a little preview/bonus MP3 here because I'm super stoked on this guy's jams and entire aesthetic really. New Yoga is Jeffrey Joyal who splits time between Boston and the small college town of Tivoli, New York where he makes incredible new age jams and collaborations with his video artist pal Carlos Laszlo. The pair spent six months creating Dark Bong, a sound/video collage project that rulz heaps and you should go and watch right now HERE. '80s Pizza Hut commercials, aerobics videos, geometric Atari spazzes, glowing UFOs and slow-motion Nickelodeon gunge/slimes flow seamlessly, and with New Yoga's peaced-out ambience become recontextualized as a kind of blissful meditation for the internet generation. The interest in plastic nostalgia and an oblique retro-futurism situates New Yoga with dudes like the Skaters and Ducktails, but Joyal sheds the lo-fi haze from his tracks - this stuff has a pretty golden sheen with syrupy guitar reverb and crisp beats. I really want to listen to this sitting cross-legged with index fingers to thumbs on a cliff overlooking a dolphin colony and the aurora borealis, but maybe iTunes visualizer will do.

Here's one of my fave parts of Dark Bong:

(Click THIS for multiplied psychedelia)


[New Yoga Myspace]

[Dark Bong/Beyond Stoned]


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