Thursday, July 16, 2009


The new Crayon Fields single starts with a mental drum 'n' bass riff. BUT NOT LIKE THAT! (Note to Geoff O'Connor: Roni Size probably has some free time these days. Poss. collab??!?) It's actually more of that classic neat '60s R&B sound they started messing with on Mirror Ball, the gentle, doo-wop gem that came out late last year. But like The Big Bopper's 'Chantilly Lace', this is some dirty shit dressed up as wholesome ballad and in certain circles will be THE sex jam of '09. Exhibit A: "I mess up my collar / Just to feel you correct it". It's not gonna do much for fans of 'My Neck, My Back', but for a specific kind of person it's a perfect line for shuffling over to a girl in a vintage dress for an awkward slow-dance. I just hope Crayon Fields have the foresight to pack mops on their next tour to clean up the hormone explosion that WILL happen when they pull out the line "Thunder applauds us / As we neck in a doorway". PURE SLEAZE.

[Crayon Fields MySpace]

[All The Pleasures Of The World out September through Chapter Music]

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