Sunday, September 06, 2009


I'm getting majorly sore cheeks from grinning and top tapping to these freewheelin' bung pop gems from Sachsen, Germany, while being simultaneously amazed at how they explode in rich technicolour with such a full sound - fried guitar licks, cheery vocal squeaks and twinkling xylophone runs - but are largely the work of one guy named Oliver Scharf. I found Oliver through his Zac Efron-channeling solo project Male Models but soon learnt it was just "a one afternoon project" - and that his other moniker Hanoi Janes will be used for all future musical forays, along with a couple of pals banging some drums from time to time. "Across the Sea" is a serious contender to The Magic Kids "Hey Boy" for "most sunny/happy sing-a-long hit of summer '09", whereas "The Boys Are Out" is 1:30 of cheeky micro-pop feat. casio pops and squeaks and alleyway eye-ups - pretty obsessed with fun throwback stuff like this and The Smith Westerns lately. Look out for an LP on Captured Tracks in a few months.


[Hanoi Janes Myspace]

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Leighton said...

This is really excellent! Great find. Thanks.