Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Kevin Greenspon - Sundowner Lane

Kevin Greenspon - Softened

Kevin Greenspon - Open Book

Seems appropriate to say these new jams from Kevin Greenspon "washed up into my inbox" due to the gentle wave washes and lulling static hiss echoing through each track; power lines and satellite signals interfering with yr seaside ambience but then becoming an oddly fitting part of it. The first two tracks are taken from Greenspon's album Bracing, available on CD in a few weeks from one of our fave labels of the year, Family Time (Deep Sht, Ancient Crux, Norse Horse), in a limited edition DVD-package with pro-printed art. If you prefer yr ocean wooze analog, Obeast Tapes will be offering a cassette version of Bracing with MP3 download included. On a different tack, "Open Book" is an infectious sub-2 minute teenage-Blank Dogs bedroom fumble taken from a forthcoming Family Time Records 12" compilation out next month.


[Kevin Greenspon Myspace]

[Buy Bracing soon from Family Time and Obeast Tapes]

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