Thursday, April 22, 2010


Young Jeezy - Greatest Trapper Alive

The streets done dried up. The people walk aimlessly, scratching here and there unrepentantly, oblivious to the dried blood now clogging the underneath of their fingernails. The heat is seemingly eternal and with everyone growing restless, only a sweet chill can fill that void. They want that fix and they want it in spades. Fuck the rain, make it snow. After almost 2 years since Jeezy graced us with The Recession, he's back with a one-two punch. Thug Motivation 103 is sure to keep the American Dream alive but as a precursor, he's decided to do an almost impossible task by releasing a sequel to Trap Or Die, arguably the best thing he's ever attached his name to. The first taste of By Any Mean Necessary is a triumphant exercise in soul-powered blaxploitation. Think spotlights, horn section and big letters on a big marquee.

[Young Jeezy MySpace]

[Trap Or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary will be available later this year followed by the release of Thug Motiviation 103. Details on USDA2Day.]

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