Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm blown away by this solo track from the Ancients' Jon Michell, no fucking shit. This is like some sonic acupuncture the way it's just clamping down on a precise array of sounds that make my brain fucking melt. It definitely sounds exactly like a heap of Blade Runner replicants jamming out on some despondent Devo b-sides but they can't help getting a little krautrocky because of their semi-robotic nature. And shit. There's hints of more recent gloomy new-wavers too, like These New Puritans, but none of that accurately captures this song's amazing last-train-home oppressive vibe. Cool shit.

[The Ancients MySpace]

"Hauntingly beautiful", basically. This track sounds like Cat Power in the 90s when she was still smacked out & writing sad songs (heaps better than the new stuff with the "Dirty Delta Blues Band", amirite?). Totally simplistic guitars let the heart-wrenching vocal layers kick you in the kidneys but it feels so right. If you haven't already downloaded Special Award's new compilation Swan Vs. Raptor, do it now.

[Fair Maiden MySpace]

[Download Swan Vs. Raptor compilation from Special Award Records]

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