Thursday, April 07, 2011


MP3: Golden Staph - Last Caesar

I guess one way of explaining why this Golden Staph record rules so fucking hard is that they're from Perth which, if you're unaware, has a history of churning out indie pop bands so twee and vanilla they make Belle & Sebastian look like tuff motherfuckers. I guess if I was in a band from Perth I would want to prove that I knew how to write songs that didn't technically fall under the genre of lullaby, which is a noble mission and one which Golden Staph have accomplished real good here: like their earlier tape releases, this is all frenetic and loose, but the slightly higher production values draw those classic new wave influences right out. Shit makes me real proud to be Australian, hey. Golden Staph is out on Record Store Day: next Saturday, April 16.

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Reel Muzak said...

I eagerly await the day perth loses the twee indie pop tag. Although Adam K form Turnstyle did sell me some equipment that I used to record this album.