Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mike Tyson wears Rolex, you should too!

Panda Bear - Take Pills

It’s only March, but I honestly fail to see how an album could be better than Panda Bear's Person Pitch this year. Yeah, superlative music press babble: who cares what the best albums of the years are, and lesser still, who cares what my favourite records are. But listen to that link up there. I can’t pin down a favourite track on the album but this is probably the most accessible, even if it starts and finishes with experimental sounding ambience and crackles. ‘Take Pills’ eases from Panda Bear’s slower, signature blissed-out and melodic chants into something buoyant and somehow danceable, driven by beat and bass. Animal Collective has always been about tribal style beats, propelling their pop along, riotously and blissfully.

Here, it works perfectly, numerous styles mingling, Noah Lennox (it’s staggering that Panda Bear is a real person) trying out lots of genres with all the fervor and excitement of hearing them for the first time. It’s just all so seamless! Its one big transitionary piece. He’s fucking ambitious, and that’s something that seems to be important in the best music made these days.

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