Friday, April 20, 2007

The Village Green

A few things:

The new DNTEL has just come out and it's really quite good. At first I was just drawn to the second (and title) track which features Grizzly Bear but now I'm exploring the rest. The track with Fog on it is amazing too. Overall it's a much more subtle effort. It's a fairly obvious progression, really, from the more heavily beat orientated other works with Ben Gibbard (which I'm actually a sucker for as well). Turns out I even like the song with Bright Eyes on it too (omg) and altogether the album is very beautiful.

The forthcoming Clientele album God Save the Clientele is not out yet but oh my god; I never thought they could get better but now they have a violinist and someone else (a girl, apparently; 'she's hot, too!' - anon) and it's more delicate and evocative and autumnal(!) than ever before, gentle and sweeping over you, it's a metaphor about dusk falling on a little English town and there's a few streetlights and dark green trees. It seems to me that The Clientele have one of the most realized sounds around; the music is what I imagine it must sounds like in lead singer Alastair Taylor's head, subdued and pastoral, he's evocing precisly what he means to. It's oh so British. Strange, then, that it was recorded in Nashville with Mark Nevers who has produced Lambchop, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Calexico, Silver Jews, and David Kilgour.

The Clientele - The Dance of the Hours
Oh, and:

New Rachell Sumpter works!


max said...

Hurrah, the Clientele! That Dntel album can suckle tenderly at my sweaty nutsack, but.

chris said...

fog collab huh? upload that track foo'.