Monday, August 06, 2007

I love the postman

Diane Cluck - Real Good Time

Being at home sick [already established] does have its pros and cons. Con: I'm feel horrible. Pro: Catching up on DVDs. Con: I have no energy to do anything whatsoever. Pro: Amazon postal delivery!

I hate lumping people into genres, and reading about Diane Cluck always makes me laugh. Anti-folk? Hilarious. I love everything about this woman. So today, I opened the re-releases of Black With Green Leaves and Macy's Day Bird, both originally 2001 recordings, now a beautiful deluxe double release. Her songs fade in and out of eachother effortlessly, and she has always been an artist who I can listen to for hours on end without releasing time has even passed me by. I want to invite her over so she can play her guitarzitherharmoniumsxylophoneviolinwhatever to me while I walk around barefoot in my sunny, grassy backyard [y'know, if I had one] and eat homemade jam on scones [y'know, if I had some].

I cannot wait for new material from her. I don't need her to progress or change, and definitely do not want her to change her complete lack of production and the textured, layered style of her vocals. But she strikes me as one of those artists who would already have an abundance of stuff lying around, un-released. Hundreds of songs, waiting for me to fall in love with them.

I had a difficult time choosing just one track to support this. But 2:10 into 'Real Good Time' [taken from Monarcana] made things a little easier for me.

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