Monday, September 29, 2008


St Helens - How To Choose Your Guru Pt. 2

What's better than a super-casually nihilistic yet still groovalicious jam? This is like what you'd hear at a house party hosted by Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner (TRUST ME, of all the Rutger Hauer-hosted house parties, his Blade Runner ones are the finest). It's so chilled out and relaxed yet SIMULTANEOUSLY tense and angsty I just don't know whether to get down or invent post-lounge.

These guys are from Melbourne (I feel like I've typed that so many times in the past fortnight), super hypey and they're going to be in Sydney soon. They toured nationally with Love Of Diagrams a couple of months ago, but this time through they'll be playing with Circle Pit and Songs, which is basically the sweetest Australian indie-punk triple headliner you could think of at the moment.

Their press release from Remote Control says "A cursory glance at the pre-history of the people involved reveals one-degree-of separation from Spider Vomit, Bird Blobs, Minimum Chips, Alpha Males and Kes. Satelliting the core band are occasional contributors from Love Of Diagrams and Panel Of Judges." Indie all-stars PLUS invented words and unnecessary prefixes?!? I am SO there!

[St Helens MySpace]

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