Monday, November 24, 2008


SPOD is a handsome gent from Sydney who makes excellent and hilarious electro rock jams. Recently, we asked him some questions. THESE ARE HIS ANSWERS.

1. What's your thing?
Every is my thing for things are everything!

2. Where do you see your thing in five years?

3. Has there ever been any awkwardness with any of your backing dancers?
Asides from which tequila to drink, it's all been pretty rosy!

4. Where were you specifically and what were you doing when Princess Diana died?
Burritoing in a bus stop.

5. There's a song on Superfrenz called 'Blubberponies'. Please describe a blubberpony in as much detail as possible.

6. Your first album, Taste The Radness, had an ode to your hometown Ashfield called '2131 Ride Wit Me'. If you went back to Ashfield now would your old homies still hang with you?
My crew has totally defected! 100%! So I'd just be going back to the Police Boys Gym class alone... Oh, the painful tears of solo wrestling.

7. How are you, anyway? You don't call, you don't write?
I'm very well! Relaxing for the first time in forever! It's nice!! Super Nice!!!!! About to dive back into things, but for now, I've discovered doing nothing is everything!!

8. After you finished recording your second album your hard drive got busted and you lost all your songs. How do you feel about technology these days?
Well, the drive I replaced it with is dead now too. I'm cursed. But I now know the power of a backup. Technology is a crutch, an amazing crutch for now, but it will be the downfall of mankind as it elevates us towards an unattainable nirvana. I love it, I hate it, but without it who knows where or what I'd be. But humans are technology, so we're our own poison well.

9. What's your favourite Australian album so far this year?
Asides from Superfrenz? Pivot's O Soundtrack My Heart.

10. Give us 100 words of creative writing.
John was sore, physically and emotionally, from the previous night's proceedings. He didn't foresee the impact his speech would have on the unsuspecting patrons, and as such, his own destiny, but as he forged through his corrupting words, he realised the true power of human speech. Contemplating the absurdity of the abstract idea of sounds shaped from wind and meat forming into other words in humans ears, destroying his life, and tolling his demise. As he caught the teary eye of Sarah Patrick, the daughter of his stepfather and the woman he truly loved, he understood his remaining days were scarce.

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Anonymous said...

what's wrong with that pony?!

nic said...

nice work spod. :)

richard said...

i just saw a dog that was as wide as that pony