Wednesday, November 12, 2008


In a way, the Hard-Ons are the best Australian band ever. I love how they can make a boring white dude (me) feel tough when I’m listening to them on my iPod on the 393 to Railway Square, I love that I can sing along to them, I love that they’ve been around forever and they still don’t suck, and I love how they’re like all the best parts of 90s punk without any of the guilt. Imagine if you could listen to Dookie knowing that Green Day didn’t turn out cunts. It would be amazing and improve the experience by 200%, minimum.

I’m also way into the fact that they’re from Punchbowl, because a) I used to live near Punchbowl and you could deadset hear the gunshots across the expressway and mentioning that fact on my blog makes me feel even tougher and b) I dunno, I guess it’s like the Sydney equivalent of South Central LA, ie BADASS.

Anyhow, this song is a couple of years old but I was just reminded how dang good it is and had to post it. Eat me.

[Hard-Ons MySpace]

[Buy Most People Are A Waste Of Time from Waterfront Records]

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