Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The thing I really like about this Faux Pas EP is that it’s free. JUST FUCKING KIDDING! It’s free and that’s excellent, but the thing I really like about it, apart from the fact that it rules, is that it’s all lush and multi-layered and shit but it still sounds like an electronic record, in a really awesome 1970s synthesiser way. It’s extra beautiful stuff, full of swirling melodies and harmonies and surprise trumpets, but most importantly if you’re me, the synths go bleep and there’s a bit with that awesome and totally unrealistic “flute” effect that you get on cheap keyboards. Kind of like if Caribou was working with Kraftwerk’s set-up or something. Anyway, this EP is killer and Faux Pas, aka Tim Shiel, is a super nice guy and an excellent musician, so go visit his site, download his EP and give him five bucks.

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thanx max