Thursday, January 29, 2009


Having a name like Jordy Lane would be a bonus because you’d get indie babes coming up to you and singing “A Jordy Lane, everybody wants one”, which is an excellent way to start a conversation. Now this fine gent from Sydney has made it one step easier for the babes by just changing his stage name to Shady Lane so they can sing the ACTUAL Pavement lyrics. That’s catering to your audience is what that is.

He’s also hired himself a band, consisting of drummer Pete Avard and Richard In Your Mind’s keyboard player, Conrad Richter, for his debut album, Here We Go, Down The Black Hole. Up top is a brand new song from that album and I could use all kinds of bullshit buzzwords like “feelgood summer jam” or “psyche-pop wunderkind” to describe it, but I won’t because that would be massively annoying and kind of hurt the simple, good times vibe that’s going on here. It’s interesting on the ear but sparing on the idiosyncrasies, an important difference from the rest of the current crop of 60s-informed pop bands in Sydney. Nice.

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