Tuesday, February 17, 2009


ADELAIDE. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING. QUIT SPITTING OUT ALL THESE KILLER BANDS BECAUSE YOU ARE ON A FAST TRACK TO MESSING SOME SHIT UP. This is a ridiculously classy jam, like Guided By Voices fucking around with Pavement, and it’s the kind of thang you’d play at a party if you wanted to make sure that it turned out to be UNBELIEVABLY memorable. You’d store it up until about 2am then crank the boom box all the way up, hit play and watch it trigger everybody’s party instinct so hard that they make out with their secret long-time crushes in the middle of the street and don’t go home until 8 in the morning. It’s got that kind of classic feel, y’know, just the right quantity of pre-emo teen longing and rad drum breaks and sorta skate-punkish guitars. Maybe I’m just going through some subconscious yearning for the NOFX records I listened to when I was 15 but hot dang this track is hitting the spot.

[No Through Road MySpace]


jess said...

oh wow this is incredible,
thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

adelaide's (second) finest!