Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've always preferred Stephen McBean's work on Pink Mountaintops over Black Mountain. Black Mountain can sometimes get bogged down with overly dense psychedelic jamming, but your vibes are guaranteed to never get ruined with Pink Mountaintops. Yes, they're sometimes guilty of psych-esque jams but never does it mess with with that "let's take drugs and make love for years" kinda vibe which runs consistently through their music. With Outside Love, McBean's incorporating some new elements not present on the first two albums while building on what's already been established in order to give us something, well, epic. The music's now heavily drenched in reverb and fuzz while the melodies and vocals are as beautifully sweet and expressive as ever. To sum it up, it sounds like he's channeling The Magnetic Fields channeling The Jesus And Mary Chain on Distortion while partying with his crew in a cathedral in the middle of a blizzard.

[Pink Mountaintops Myspace]

[Outside Love will be released on May 5th. Buy it from Jagjaguwar]

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Jesse said...

so fucking god damn good
axis thrones of love: best song of the year