Friday, March 20, 2009


This shit rules. It sounds like Hüsker Dü and The Dirtbombs in a brawl while Funkadelic look on.

Formed in '71, brothers David, Dannis and Bobby Hackney started out playing R&B infused jams. Soon afterward, they discovered The Stooges and MC5 and the seeds were sown. After attending an Alice Cooper show, you could say that they were pretty much owned by rock n roll. Brother David especially, who took it upon himself as the the band's guitarist to take their sound into a bolder, harder direction.

Later, an album was to be recorded under the eye of Clive Davis and Columbia Records. However, thinking that the band's name would turn consumers off them, he asked them to change it. They refused and he withdrew his interest. Because of this, only seven of the proposed twelve songs were recorded and apart from a very limited run of 7" singles featuring only two of the recorded songs, the tapes were shelved and forgotten. Years went by and after being recently discovered, Drag City took upon themselves to make sure that something as good as this was not just lost in the ether.

...For The Whole World To See could be classified primarily as a garage rock album though there's an energy and urgency about the songs which take it to punk territory, even before "punk" was "punk". With touches of R&B, soul, funk and even metal sprinkled throughout the record, it makes for one amazing listen.

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best record!