Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Geez, what a heartfelt ode to friendship in times of need. You know what I love about the GFC (Global Financial Crisis? Is that what we’re calling it?)? You can use it to make ANYTHING relevant, significant, contextual etc. If Nickelback had just dropped “How You Remind Me” I’d probably blog about how it was an anthem for love in a time of global turmoil, but since that stone cold classic is eight years old (ALREADY) I’m going with this new track from the Tucker B’s. These gents have always been good at writing songs but the two advance tracks they’ve released from their forthcoming 5th record, Nightmares in the key of ((((((WOW)))))), have the sludge turned down so you can, y’know, hear the pretty melodies, and it sounds pretty dang excellent. So, the friendship thing: when Matt Rudas sings “I promise you can trust me / I will be a good man”, he sounds so sincere it’s a bit weird, but this track’s gonna go down great on the platonic mixtape you make in six months’ time for that friend of yours whose life got repossessed.

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