Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Lean your weight on this one; it sounds frail and flighty but really it’s as sturdy as anything. Well-constructed. Don’t be fooled by the reedy microphone or the harsh peaking on the high notes; this might sound like the work of a second-class bedroom hobbyist but it’ll stand up to the most thorough listen. glass cake is the work of Michelle Shofet, a resident of Berkeley, California, who does dreamy melancholia with such skill it drags you in and tows you along, unpredictable and purposeful. The tangents in these songs are surprising yet perfectly timed, and that’s what sets them aside from every other singer-songwriter who set his/her tone to wistful-via-melancholic. With a little talent, anyone can evoke a particular emotion, but it takes something more, sincerity, maybe, to MAKE something of that emotion, to make it stay with you.

Michelle Shofet's Album is available as a free download from glass cake’s MySpace.

[glass cake MySpace]

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