Sunday, April 05, 2009


New weirdness from Aleks and the Ramps and it looks a bunch like they’ve discovered their (massively white) groove: there’s shimmery synths and shagpile Calypso licks all over this track, taken from a split 7” with Montreal’s Mixolydian. The press release says “If you're unfamiliar with our music, it has been described as: noise-pop, camp indie rock, really annoying, tweemo, haphazard or plain old experimental pop. Anyway, listen to it your darn selves & come up with some new superlatives”, which sounded like a challenge to me, so here are my suggestions for future Aleks and the Ramps releases:
  • Post-Calypso
  • Awkwardcore
  • Twee-fi
  • Tupperware soul
  • Scared-pop
  • White boy glock
  • Freak-freak
  • Hurdy-gurdy-hop
  • Rhythm ‘n’ banjo

[Aleks and the Ramps MySpace]

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