Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I was all about Dipset a few years ago. Anything they did, I was all over. Shit, I even thought Jim Jones was a decent rapper for a little while. Sure, he had that classic verse in "Come Home With Me" and "BALLIN'" will live forever but still... Well, things done changed over the past few years. Inner bickering amongst the members have left the collective a shadow of their former selves and the output has suffered. However, Juelz Santana, the prince of the crew is back with a follow up to the I Can't Feel My Face mixtape he and longtime Dipset collaborator Lil' Wayne put out a few years ago as a precursor to a still yet-to-be-released album. The new mixtape My Face Can't Be Felt is hot. Of course, Weezy has morphed into The Best Rapper Alive but it's great to hear Juelz has also grown. There's a a certain swagger in his voice which wasn't there a few years ago. Maybe he's come to the realization that he's carrying the torch for Harlem these days.

While I'm on a Dipset nostalgia trip at the moment, here's a little bonus from a couple of years ago. A slept-on, little known collab with The Game. Those drums, oooo shit....

The Game feat. Juelz Santana & Jim Jones - We Bangin'

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[Lil' Wayne MySpace]

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