Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Two picks from just an exceptionally beautiful compilation of covers of Kath Bloom’s songs, pieced together by Chapter Records. I spoke to Guy Blackman, the label’s founder, on the phone the other day and he laughed like he wasn’t heaps amused and sighed and said “Jeez, what a labour of love.” Well, it was worth it. Tribute albums are often dodgy but the quality of the covers on here is insane, especially given the scope for fucking up the sad-eyed subtlety of Kath Bloom’s originals. With the possible exception of The Concretes’ take on Come Here, the song that revitalised Ms Bloom’s career with its appearance in Before Sunrise, the cover versions on Loving Takes This Course are simple and elegant, never trying too hard to break from the source material. With a different set of songs that approach might have disappointed, but on these simple folk melodies it allows the musicians to expose their own idiosyncrasies in a way that sounds natural.

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