Thursday, April 02, 2009


Welp, I really didn’t see this coming. If this track is a reliable indication of what Wagons’ third album, The Rise and Fall of Goodtown, is going to sound like, Henry Wagons has decided to fuck this alt. country shit off and make himself a REAL country record. This track features “Oh my lord”s, train references, a possible Biblical metaphor, raggedy band vocals and finger-pickin’ guitar lines as clean as an azure sky of deepest summer. Some Nashville shit, basically. Natch, because this is Wagons, and what’s more, a Wagons track produced by Qua, there are some wall of sound freakouts that mean that Henry & Co. might not score that Keith Urban support slot for a while yet. Although if that’s what they’re going for (and I’m positivie it’s not), they’re going to need to shed some of that humour and emotional depth and everything first. God, I need to stop over-compensating just because I mentioned Keith Urban. WAGONS RULES.

[Wagons MySpace]

[The Rise and Fall of Goodtown is available from April 18 on Spunk!]

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