Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It’s kind of an understatement to say that this was risky for I Heart Hiroshima because while they’re a great band, no doubt, covering The Chills (or for that matter any other Flying Nun band) is kind of like making a comic book movie: there’s a huge chance that you’ll turn out something that makes the fanboys and girls explode in a shower of hyperbolic rage while the n00bs shrug their shoulders and give a shit about something else. This, surprisingly, is pretty good: it’s more Dark Knight than X-Men 3; definitely better than Watchmen and Hellboy II, as well. I Heart Hiroshima have fortunately (and bravely) tried to make this their own, and while the upbeat, jagged delivery loses some of the subdued regret that made the original such a classic, it makes up for it in surprising ways. You might not have expected Pink Frost to make a good disco-punk torch song, for instance, and I might not have expected to ever type the words “disco-punk torch song” on this blog. Of course, the heart and charm that’s brought I Heart Hiroshima this far make this song so much better than that description might make you believe. Classy stuff.

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