Monday, May 04, 2009


Some people might try to tell you that folktronica is over but do not believe them: there is no sound on God’s green earth sweeter than a gently lilting flute resting atop some super harsh fracked-out beats. Not breakbeat but brokenbeat. Seriously: this shit is kind of a masterpiece because it starts all glitchy and spazzed out like you’ve heard Prefuse 73 do a million times before, and the acoustic guitars and flutes drop in and it sounds great but THEN the breathy Japanese vocals somehow turn into this towering wall of blissful extravagance and you’re fucked. After that there’s the unexpected but totally great four-on-the-floor breakdown with distorted guitars wailing over the top but what we’re really about here is the journey.

ent is a bro from Tokyo called Atsushi Horie. Welcome Stranger is his first album.

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Raquel said...

it's beautiful!