Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The VICE music blog, which is actually kind of excellent (and not just because it’s down with Rose Quartz), posted about the new Deerhunter EP in their weekly singles club and pointed out how the guitars sound like the Strokes. FUCK THAT, I thought to myself, then realised that I’m actually hella down with that blinged-out shizznit because I FUCKING LOVE THE EARLY NOUGHTS (see what I did there?) and say what you like, the guitars on Is This It are kind of a stone-cold classic*. Anyway, in a miracle of coincidence, the new Gaslight Radio track just landed in my inbox, and it’s as if they recorded this song in my brain yesterday morning: shit starts out all Strokesy, then proceeds to get all Deerhuntery. What the fuck, right?

Anyway, lazy references aside, this is just mounting evidence that everyone should give a shit about Gaslight Radio because, fuck it, they deserve it: we’ve got insane levels of melody and basically perfect production and at least six million times more class than the fucking Temper Trap.

*Yeah, I know they're talking about First Impressions Of Earth.

[Gaslight Radio MySpace]

[Guillotine Sun 7” out July 25 through Departed Sounds]

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