Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Out on the ocean there’re hundreds and hundreds of sailors whose nights are paralysed by the melodrama of their situation. They stand on the deck, looking up at the stars, thinking of home, thinking of their families, aware of the fact that at any moment they could be boarded by pirates. It’s both comical and terrifying. Pirates, right? Pirates? In 2009? They imagine how it goes down: a man with a knife between his teeth clambers over the railing; they’re captured and held ransom; their friends back home read about it in the newspaper and shake their heads and say, “pirates” with a bemused smile. The gravity of their situation is completely undermined. They’re released, write a book and spend their old age tut-tutting at The Adventures of Captain Pugwash and Pirates of the Caribbean. Well, maybe. Maybe they fall asleep in their bunk listening to Forever, letting the guitars wash over them, feeling the longing deep down.

Forever is the first single from Love Of Diagrams’ forthcoming second album Nowhere Forever. They say it’s the guitar-drenched dream-pop record they’ve always wanted to make.

[Love of Diagrams MySpace]

[Nowhere Forever out soon through Unstable Ape]

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