Sunday, June 28, 2009


Fuck yeah! Remember when Kes Band came out last year? All quirky and mystical and shit like Kes’ solo album but with powerful guitars and moments of total Led Zep glory? It was like a nu-folk elf investing in a Marshall stack and a copy of The Dungeon Master’s Guide. (Yeah, an elf playing Dungeons & Dragons. FUCKING META-BADASS.) So I’m totally pumped for Kes Band II. I can’t wait to check out the ramped-up riffery and... what? Kes Band II’s an all-instrumental album that explores atmosphere and texture in a way that recalls mid-period Tom Waits? And this advance track is a delicately melancholic interplay between violin, piano and acoustic guitar? Lucky it’s pretty fucking beautiful. Don’t try throwing up the horns to it, though.

[Kes Band MySpace]

[Kes Band II available soon through Mistletone]

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