Sunday, June 07, 2009


In a Sliding Doors alternate reality where Cat Power decided not to kick the smack and instead, y’know, really make a go of it, she recorded this foetal-positioncore gem. Curled up in a closet down the corridor from the studio where the Dirty Delta Blues were laying down her backing track with gritted teeth and irritated expressions, she mumbled some perfectly poignant nonsense and sent the master tape off to the intersection of space and time where Batrider intercepted, relabelled and released it.

This London-via-Melbourne-via-Wellington four-piece are on the verge of releasing their second album, Why We Can’t Be Together, and it sure sounds like the poetic grind of Ol’ Blighty has done them good. Dig the discordant, industrial sound – not industrial like Ministry but like a big old fucking Charles Dickens factory. The guitar textures here could practically shape steel with the way they clang and saw. Ace.

[Batrider MySpace]

[Why We Can’t Be Together out soon through Low Transit Industries]

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