Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I bet all the Perth bands that aren’t sunny, jangly indie pop get real shitty with the assumptions that they’ll sound like the Bank Holidays or Institut Polaire or whoever. Erasers are basically the opposite of that stereotype: cold as ice, smooth as glass. This isn’t car music. It’s propulsive, sure, but there’s a serenity to the way this space jam throbs and glides forward and a faraway quality to the vocals that make the song sound like it was recorded on the moon, maybe, or the edge of a giant chasm. It’s supposedly influenced by elements of post-punk, post-rock and drone, and at this stage when you hear those genres being dropped you have good reason to move the fuck on to something else, but the good news is Erasers cherrypick the sounds you wanna hear: they’re like post-punk when it sounded like it was made by melancholic machines, post-rock when it wasn’t background music and drone when... well, I don’t know drone, but I know what I like. I like Erasers.

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Etheric Hymns, not Rhythms, yo.