Saturday, July 25, 2009


Breakfast Mountain conjures up some pretty amazing pancake stack/tiered waffle imagery in my mind (w/ maple syrup and blueberries FYI) but this sounds more like rainbow cereal with high levels of sugar and corn syrup that makes the leftover milk in yr bowl a sweet multi-coloured grey. I'm not totally sure what the deal with this group is, but I believe it's a collaborative project lead by a guy called Zack Osterlund, which isn't really surprising cos there's so many ideas thrown into this FREE demo album HOOOODED -- big bass and beats, cut-and-paste hip hop, top 40 r'n'b cheese and lots of playful Dan Deacon squiggles and spirit. "J Hollerday" might be a more reserved track on the album but plays beautifully with a stoned Salem synth bassline, dubstepped swagger and twinkling vocals complete with one of those seemingly perfect heart-aching key progressions. Also, if you didn't think that 1988 N.W.A. hit put its message across clearly enough then "Prewnn" will be yr new jam for sure.


[Breakfast Mountain Myspace]

[HOOOODED LP free download]


jizzica saucy said...

fuck the police

Into the Woods said...

Take a peek at a learning curve with Breakfast Mountain on Into the Woods