Monday, July 27, 2009


Fluffy Lumbers is a pretty apt moniker for Ridgewood, New Jerseyian Samuel Franklin cos the trees growing out of his Tascam 8-track (488 II for gear nerds) don't have any bark to skin yr knees on cos they're covered in so much soft marshmallow sponge. Franklin's pop is certainly sweet but tinged with a perfect amount of slightly melancholic, distinctly American nostalgia -- on "Cruisers" being 14 and watching drive-in movies in the dusk light, gradeschool crushes, or the beach cop in "Shore Patrol" who never gets to chill out and spends his life catching underage kids having sex on prom night and looking for light over the dunes. These wistful stories are sung over warm bedroom guitars with gooey lead breaks and cartoonish keyboards and live contributions from a number of pals including Ian Dykstra, drummer from Underwater Peoples faves Liam The Younger. Speaking of Underwater Peoples, keep an eye out for Fluffy Lumbers who is rumoured to be on their upcoming roster, and keep yr other eye out for an awesome four-song 7" which will be available very shortly from Weird Hug Records.

P.S. Grab another Fluffy Lumbers track from this excellent compilation compiled by the Friendship Bracelet!


[Fluffy Lumbers Myspace]

[Buy The Police Cruisers 7" soon from Weird Hug Records]

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