Monday, July 27, 2009


Gucci Mane (Feat. Shawty Lo) - Ain't Nothing Else To Do

The Gucci catalog usually consists of either bonafide club bangers or slow-motion riding music. "Ain't Nothing Else To Do" is a perfect example of the latter. Absolutely menacing in terms of the production, there's no southern hospitality to be found anywhere. Instead, the beat seems to be seeped in icy-cold wrath while glaring at you with a death stare. Mechanical drum machines, sparse synths, a guitar wailing in the distance all make up for something really ominous. Gucci, in a staccato, slow-mo flow, seems to revel in the vibe of it all while Shawty Lo puts his whisper-rap drawl to amazing use. His style seems to be tailor-made for this sort of thing. Oh, and because it would be a dick thing for me to leave you with a jam that makes you feel as if you're about to be knifed in the dark, here is a club banger. Coincidentally, it just so happens to be the most ridiculous remix to the most ridiculous song of 2009 - "I get you Lost like Benjamin Linus". Go stupid.

[Gucci Mane MySpace]

[The Movie: Part 2 mixtape is available for download through the Gucci Mane website. His next album Gucci Movie is set for release later this year through Warner Bros.]

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