Monday, July 27, 2009


Karl Blau makes the word prolific pretty meaningless with his whole three albums per year average on top of his in-house producer gig at Dub Narcotic. That kind of workload can make bro pretty patchy but when he strikes gold it sorta makes it all worth it, like on his third 2008 album, Nature's Got Away, which was packing some of last year's best songs. Now he's dropped the first two of three albums he'll release this year and it's hard not to forgive all the misses when you hear the slinky, fracked-out groove on Hey Low, Halo with the trademark Blau blissed-out croon and weird industrial squawks and shit. He's still heaps better at at lo-fi freak-folk but I guess when you've recorded three albums and it's only JULY you need to expand your palette.

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[Karl Blau at K Records]

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