Monday, July 27, 2009


MP3: Dick Diver - Tender Years

This band kills but probably the best thing about them isn’t the mad post-punk lixx or off-kilter swagger but the way they integrate genuine danger & devil-may-care motherfuckery into their songs. A lot of bands try real hard for badass and it usually ends up embarrassing, but here Dick Diver have figured out all you really need for it to feel right is ultra-nonchalant delivery and a few well-chosen phrases (“Sure you got nothing more to give than tender years?”). There are some sincerely classic pop sounds on this track & others that add to the rule factor: Television riffs, Go-Between hooks, 90s guitar solos. So that’s cool. There should be more bands like this.

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Dick Diver said...

oh yeah that is not dick diver. we are cute!

max said...

uh oh embarrassing.
sorry dick diver!

nic said...

You guys are cute anyway! Yay! We <3 dick diver.

Dick Diver said...

we aint offended!
its a really cool post! rupert has a very dangerous look about him.