Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Bopping along all "French-like" in its ways, the vibe is all smiles and scarves and nice perfume. Toe-tapping, casio-type rhythms accompany the quirky guitars and keyboards. So to do well placed handclaps and a voice so playful and sweet I can't help grinning like an idiot when the vocals kick in. It's also prone to giving me nerd-shivers which is another plus in case you were wondering. In short, I wanna make out with this music. Flipping styles with ease, Back To The Start is a tropical lo-fi jam. Simple patterns, repeating and building to something delicate and well, pretty. Maybe think Nite Jewel and Young Marble Giants chilling at some late night spot in Sao Paulo - cross continental next-gen bossa nova. It's a warm night and coconut drinks are a must.

[Miracle Man EP is available from Third Side Records.]

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