Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Spin Spin The Dogs - Big Ben

I get real confused by English DIY sounds but maybe that's what a lot of the bung pop acts are going for, I mean take Country Teasers' hamfisted keyboards and crazy-eyed stares, totally baffling, or Stink Taps' rustic deadpan. Always kind of thought that I like American music way more than English music (why so obsessed with The States/West Coast?) but this particular weirdness just takes some getting especially Spin Spin The Dogs with the just plain perverse mutations of regular pop melodies and Mark E. Smith's drunk stammers/awkward confrontations and basically two more handfuls of indiscernible cultural muck/FM radio. It comes in the funnest of art-battered form w/ post-punk jives; pretty excited to see this at Seripop art extravaganza this weekend in Newcastle.

[Seripop @ BALTIC]

[Spin Spin The Dogs MySpace]

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