Sunday, July 05, 2009


Killer Mike (feat. Big Kuntry) - Imma Fool Wit It

A perennial favourite around these parts, Killer Mike walks that line between ridiculously over the top, ghetto fab imagery while at the same time countering it with tales of social awareness and despair. There's a cost to getting over in life and the grind to get there is not pretty. The dichotomy in his lyrics, his always prevalant take on politics and the way he does it all while spitting more venom than a pack of angry fucking snakes is what makes him one of the most endearing in the game. For the first single to the upcoming Underground Atlanta, head-nodding is a must. The bass is like a bear hug, while the synths and 808s sound as if they just graduated space camp. And whether at mid pace, staccato or double time you just wanna flow like Mike.

[Killer Mike MySpace]

[Underground Atlanta will be released on July 21st through Grand Hustle/Atlantic.]

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