Thursday, August 06, 2009


The music on this track shifts beneath Janita Foley's vocals, stretching and looping to accomodate her mood swings. The lyrics feel less like the words to a song than short accounts of, y'know, interesting stuff that's happened to her set to a soundtrack: "I bought two plain baguettes / And you wore them as shoes." It's a weird feeling, listening to these well-enunciated, coolly-delivered anecdotes and adding them up in your head and realising that they don't really make much sense. But they sound nice, coasting over the top of meandering tropical dreamscapes, then politely triumphal synths and Kings Quest-esque organ breakdowns and a sort of-rocking coda. It makes more sense when you realise Aleks of Aleks and the Ramps is the other half of this Melbourne duo. His unparalleled ability to fuck with the twee formula informs a big chunk of this track (and also Denim Owl's EP, The Dream Pocket): it's cute and lovable and surreptitiously bizarre.

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love this song