Friday, August 07, 2009


When I was young there was this girl a couple of years above me that attended the high school next to mine. She always hiked up her school skirt, rocked bangs before they became the standard, had a Public Enemy badge on her school bag and walked around with this cool-as-shit attitude with her just as fashionable entourage not too far behind. Besides the smile that was constantly on her face, she also gave off the vibe that she'd have no problem castrating you in a fury of latin-fire if you fucked with her. Well, one "mufti-day", I remember her rocking an outfit which I can only describe as "transitional-TLC". I think that was there first time I ever felt what I could describe as "love". When Amanda Blank dropped her verse on Spank Rock's "Bump", I think I felt that again. Fast forward a few years and now she's dropped an album and told me what I've always wanted to hear, "I love you".

[Amanda Blank MySpace]

[I Love You is out through Downtown/Inertia.]

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Anonymous said...

Gervin Buddy,

If you react like me, and your blog post seems to indicate you might, prepare for a tent peg