Monday, September 21, 2009


Willie The Kid - Flight School

Taking to the skies in your own private jet has always been a popular and recurring theme in get-money-rap-music but lately it seems everyone's been going nuts with the "FLY" metaphors. Forget Maybachs and Phantoms, as having the means to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in different timezones all within the space of a day is the new standard of flyness. Willie The Kid, infatuated with the pursuit of altitude so much, has dedicated his new mixtape to the idea of flying over your head, both literally and figuratively. "Aviation", is an interlude and exercise in head in the clouds/train of thought rhymes (props to Willie for the True Blood reference amidst all the flyness) while "Flight School" is spit with assurance and heart and coated just the right amount of autotune. Life is good when the answers to life in blue skies and a G5.

[Willie The Kid MySpace]

[The Fly mixtape can downloaded from The Aphiliates Street Team MySpace.]

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