Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Hey what's with all these totally right-on solo bedroom acts this year amirite?! This new guy, Tim Perry, is from Denver and likes writing songs about being getting high, Stevie Wonder being TOO HIGH and chilling, but this penchant for red-eyed slow-moving introspection doesn't come across too much in these two new super jaunty demos. Peppered with excitable Abe Vigoda polyrhythms and truly golden melodies there's a whole lot of dizzying merry-go-round fun to be had in these jams. I've been lost in the smokey sparkle of Weed Diamond's six-song demo all week (hooked up via Friendship Bracelet), so it's reassuring to see he has a bunch of upcoming tape releases on faves Leftist Nautical Antiques and Mirror Universe, in addition to a 7" on new blog/label buds Transparent.


[Weed Diamond Myspace]

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