Friday, September 25, 2009


I just realized we've never blogged about The Smith Westerns which is pretty strange considering how much I used to play their Irukandji 7" before getting the debut LP which is currently tearin' up the charts. I think I'd reached a peak of "lo-fi exhaustion" upon first listen, and sort of cast it off as "fun but pretty unmemorable", and it wasn't until a couple of months later when it clicked in a big way. Anyway, you can grab Smith Westerns trax at many of our fave blogs on the sidebar over there, but I thought I'd make up for our ridiculous omission by posting a couple of tracks by Smith Westerns guitarist Max McMillen's solo foray Teenage Lovers. Honestly, these jams pretty much sound like lost Smith Westerns releases, but with sooo much added teenage raunch! Sample lyrics: "I wanna girl who'll give me head" / "I'm gonna get some pussy tonight" / "Come on baby let's get fucked up". It comes off cheeky and goofy rather than sleazy though, thanks to McMillen's squeaky pubescent croon and all these totally familiar garage/power pop pastiches.


[Teenage Lovers Myspace]

[Buy Number One 7" from Randy Records]

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