Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hoodie Allen (feat. Illustrate) - Passing Me By In '09

From Strong Island, NY, duo Hoodie Allen (Steven Witz on the mic + Obey City on beats) are the new purveyors of summertime block party hip hop. Meshing that throwback 90s feel with a modern twist, they're on some interpersonal shit when it comes to the lyrics and on that next level shit when it comes to putting together potential classics. "Turn The City Around" comes across like a forgotten gem from circa-'98 that was overlooked then but getting love now. Laced with 8-Bit-Super-Mario-Bros-1-Up-keyboard motifs, Obey City has cooked up a beat that would've prolly flew over heads back in the day but has settled in nicely to the current hip hop environment. It's the kind of jam I want to hear at every party at that exact moment when EVERYTHING just comes together. "Passing Me By in '09" is their take on The Pharcyde classic complete with personal tales and even more wailing in the chorus.

Now I've heard Hoodie Allen being described as more "dorky white guy rap" which is an unfair and lazy assumption. Thinking outside the box when it comes to rap music will always make the puritans scowl, turn their noses up and pull out the "keeping it real" card. "Fuck that", I say, since Making Waves is a fresh and stellar take on hip hop enriched with positive vibes. Feels good, man.

[Hoodie Allen MySpace]

[The Making Waves mixtape can be downloaded free from Be sure to also peep The Bagels & Beats EP on iTunes.]


blueflameagency said...

Yea Hoodie!
i'm glad these guys are starting to get a little bit more attention, they have been grinding for a while

Nick said...

This stuff is really fun :~)