Wednesday, October 14, 2009


HEY! Don't even think about terminating your Internet sesh without "surfing" on over to Friendship Bracelet, where our bro Ian has put together a ludicrously radical selection of tunes for your (xxxtreme) aural pleasure. Download, unzip, turn up and revel in the bonhomie and joie de vivre, etcetera that is packed into these 16 tracks of sweet tunage. Peep this track list::::

1. Forest Swords - Sisters (rough demo)
2. matthewdavid - No Need to Worry
3. Wild Safari - Vitamins A & C
4. Julian Lynch, Jessica Calvanico & Gregory Campanile - Basement Jam
5. More Bikini Babes - Fishing With My Dad
6. Screen Gems - All the Fun We Had
7. Rangers - These Things
8. Speculator - We Don't Give a Shit
9. Dem Hunger - Horrible Arsehole
10. Tonstartssbandht - Black Country (demo)
11. Tan Dollar - Epic Mana
12. Big Troubles - Wouldn't Mind (demo)
13. Byrds of Paradise - Bag of Plantains
14. Weed Diamond - Your Culture (Aggressive Edition)
15. Pure Ecstasy - Pressure Drop
16. Jen Paul - Muerte O Casamiento Durmiente


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