Sunday, November 15, 2009


You know what I love? I fucking love how dependably twee the Brunettes are even when no one’s twee any more (LOOK IT UP, NO ONE IS) and also I fucking love when they get all sassy, like “fuck it, we’re gonna experiment with ELECTRONICS on our new album”. There’s bleeps and shit all over Paper Dolls, kind of a leap from their last album, Structure & Cosmetics, which came out only two years ago. Not that the Brunettes have ever been afraid of change: they’ve gone from bubblegum Grease duets to elevated symphonic pop and now this, and this actually sounds really great with the limber folktronicish production just bouncing around the room. It’s still massively fucking twee, though, which is brilliant news for the picnic blanket industry (en garde! I’ll encapsulate other genres in lazy clichés if pushed!) since Stuart Murdoch started getting his Motown awn and Camera Obscura discovered distortion (and obviously there are no other twee bands). It’s as absurdly catchy and enjoyable as you'd hope and maybe their most accessible album yet - although for a band this lovable the distinction's not that great.

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