Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Guest List: GREEDY HEN'S TOP 10 ALBUMS '09

Greedy Hen are kind of like our Pete Best, if the Beatles were a kind of sloppy mp3 blog and Pete Best was an amazing graphic designer instead of a not very good drummer. The important thing is that we fucking love Greedy Hen. We loved them before they did us a massive solid by creating the beautiful banner you see at the top of the page and we love them even more now. We thought the best way to express that love was to ask Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell (aka Greedy Hen, doye) to sink even more of their valuable time into Rose Quartz by compiling a list of their top 10 albums of 2009, which they kindly have done. Here is that list:

1. Papercuts - You Can Have What You Want
sample track: Future Primitive

The first time we saw Papercuts play Katherine gushed and gushed overt enthusiasm at them like a total nerdburger until everyone was a little awkward. Needless to say this new record incites the same reaction.

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2. Atlas Sound - Logos
sample track: Shelia

Bradford Cox is a genius. This album is making summer time sunnier.

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3. Girls - Album
sample track: Hellhole Ratrace

"Wow, this Girls record is what Elvis Costello would sound like if he wasn't boring." Katherine actually said that once and now has no friends.

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4. The Middle East - Recordings Of The Middle East EP
sample track: Blood

This year we spent many many hours cutting out paper trees and water colouring skies for an epic hand-made stop motion film clip for one of our most favourite bands, The Middle East.
The song is called Blood, and we still get goose bumps from its mighty whistling solos. It's a powerfully climatic joy to behold. In fact the whole EP just breaks our hearts every time.

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5. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
sample track: Bluish

100% pure joy. That's what our faces radiate when we listen to this record. Our cheeks get sore from smiling so hard.

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6. Jack Ladder - Counterfeits EP
sample track: Case Closed

OK, so it's come to our attention that Jack Ladder has evolved. Jack Ladder is the new Nick Cave, and the new Tom Waits, and the new howling preacher man, and the new Suicide... Basically he gets compared to a lot of old things, but no one's mistaking those deep rich vocals and stage swagger for anyone else. The Counterfeits EP scratches the surface of what the recent live performances have been like and gives us a hint at things to come. Basically what he's doing right now is exciting. We're excited!


7. Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
sample mp3: While You Wait For The Others

Embellished harmonies, intricate meandering crashes and turns. It builds and falls and twists us up. We're in love.

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8. Cass McCombs - Catacombs
sample track: Prima Donna

When I first heard Cass McCombs I was completely struck by his rambling melodies, alluringly delicate voice, and occasional intermittent diabolical lyrics. I decided that I never wanted to see what he looks like until the day I see him performing live. so I carefully avoided all photographs and film clips. Three albums later, due to geographical differences, I still haven't had the opportunity to see him play. Right now in my head he looks more like a drawing than a person, so to me Catacombs is as expected, once again a stunning album by a man that looks like an illustration.

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9. The Twerps - The Twerps
sample track: Dance Alone

It's D.I.Y calamity jams in it's purest funnest form. Messy slapstick garage pop. Humorously insightful lyrical gold. Basically when ever we listen to it we want to hunt them down and be their best friends forever. BFF's!!!

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9.5. Crystal Stilts - Love Is A Wave 7"
sample track: Sugar Baby

OK so this isn't an album or even an EP, it's a magnificent 7", and we included it because the b-side Sugar Baby makes Kate's shoulders move in a way that's unnatural. Seriously every time that organ kicks in her shoulders jive. It's powerful.

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10. Cloud Control - Gold Canary 7"

sample track: Gold Canary

Seeing as 7" records are so tiny, we thought we'd continue to be cheeky and squish another one into the list. Gold Canary has the usual hauntingly beautiful vocal harmonies, nostalgic jangly guitars and organ that define the Cloud Control sound, but this one also has - wait for it - a winding African vibe! Seriously, who saw that coming?! It sends us straight to Graceland. It's pure joy. B-side vintage track 'Vintage Books' is also a winner, we hope Cloud Control are feeling seriously triumphant.

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Technolustmaxx said...


It's been a good year, and people have ended out with similar lists. I know that, if I'd made one, it would have been very similar.

Perhaps there's still time...